Restore Counseling offers Christian family counseling at our Eau Claire location. Our approach is based on the foundation that the families we grow up in strongly shape who we become. When one member of the family is struggling, the entire family is affected. When you meet with Jenny as a family, she understands every person has his or her own perspective and brings a unique dynamic to the family unit.

Through Biblically-based, Christian family counseling, Eau Claire families can begin the process of healing relationships, understanding each other better, and experiencing true forgiveness.

Restore Counseling’s family counseling will help family members:

- Promote and facilitate healthier patterns of communication
- Restore broken relationships
- Decrease unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviors
- Teach new ways of communicating and gain a new perspective

Our sessions will assist families dealing with issues such as:

- Parenting
- Adolescent/young adult issues
- Relationship conflicts
- Communication difficulties

To schedule a session for family counseling at our Eau Claire office in Harvestime Church, contact Jenny by clicking here.